Next Stop, Mississippi


Next Stop MS | Neon Night, Dinosaur Train, Birding 101 & the Pork Skin Diva

Today we’ll be traveling the state letting you know about the people, places and events that make MS great! From Dinosaur Train and Neon Night at the MS Children’s Museum to Birding 101 with Wild Birds Unlimited of Southaven, there’s going to be a little something for everyone to enjoy this weekend. We’ll also stop and talk with the Pork Skin Diva live from her food truck at Snowden Grove Park and so much more! So, stay tuned, buckle up and hold on tight for your Next stop MS!

For more information about the places and events we featured on this episode:

Mississippi Children's Museum -

Wild Birds Unlimited Southaven -

Birding 101 at the First Regional Library -

Pork Skin Diva - 662-772-9772

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